“All of your photos look the same – snow and rocks.”   Er…I happen to like snow & rocks (& lodgepole pines) 🙂

That said, decided to mix things up this weekend and hiked SOUTH of Denver.  Ro’s first ‘no snow’ hike.

Chose Castlewood Canyon in Franktown because of its waterfall – what a way to welcome Spring!  Ro led this week’s hike challenge – literally down the river to the Falls.  Sure it’s Spring but whew – April river water is still mighty COLD.  Of course after your feet go numb, it’s all super fun.  Not sure if Ro likes snow or water more – either way, good day to be a dog.

After viewing the Falls, we bouldered up the canyon wall.  Hiked the rim, then down to the park’s collapsed Dam.

Waterfalls, rock climbing and some site-seeing (1933 collapsed dam) – EXCELLENT ‘no snow’ day!




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