Afternoon rain forecast with light evening snow – goal was to locate a unique hike but be back before the weekend’s precip started.

Plan A – Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden.  Plan B – today’s hike in Golden when I could not easily locate our Plan A trailhead, could see the sky clouding up, and had already passed Mt Galbraith’s trailhead twice in my Golden Gate search.

Mount Galbraith was our dog-friendliest hike to date.  Nearby Denverites – also exercising their dogs – flooded the trails while between intermittent spring (rain/snow) showers.

Saw SPRING all along today’s hike – even the lowly cactus was sporting bright, vivid-coloured blossoms.  Continued tradition with a bean burrito (backpack) lunch and snapped a few pics from the ‘mountain’  high spot.

4.7 miles roundtrip, trail ran return loop back.  Not exactly ‘high altitude’ but we got in and out before the day’s rain 🙂



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