After two weeks of missing our summit targets, needed a new mountain to re-gain some ‘altitude attitude’.

Greyrock Mountain is 20 minutes west of Fort Collins – knew it was gonna be a great hike when GPS coordinates were required to locate the trailhead.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

A bridge, then a lazy mountain hike spilled into Greyrock Meadow.  Saw our first spring flowers poking through mountain soil, then BAM – Greyrock.  Amazing how these HUGE geological wonders can stay completely hidden from view until you reach forest threshold.

From spring meadows and ‘green’ Greyrock, we hiked to GREY-ROCK towering straight UP.  Layered up, then scrambled around and created our own switchbacks – Ro was doing this climb UNassisted.

Multiple Inukshuks marked the trail UP ‘til we reached a mini-oasis of ice-water trapped on the rock basin below our summit.  No more ice walks for Ro, but not quite swimming weather either — highlights our present winter/spring season break.

One last push to the top, then SUCCESS!  Our summit drought has ended 🙂

FAAANTASTIC high altitude view – why we call this HOME!

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