Spring weather is here and after three consecutive weekends of ROAD TRIP hikes, wanted to keep it close this week.  Supposed to be outdoors – but supposed to stay FUN too!

Working in Boulder, several coworkers have talked of Mount Sanitas as a fun local hike.  Being only 20 minutes away, Ro & I didn’t hit the trail ‘til 10am and BAM it was packed!  Crazy, but everyone else seemed to know it was sunny, warm and SPRING too 🙂  Boulder (and Colorado in general) is a healthy, athletic community – old, young, women, men – don’t just see (U of Colorado) college students on local hikes.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Warm sunshine and a panoramic view of scenic Boulder at Sanitas’ summit.  Many folks joined us for summit pics this hike – tens of people make the trip up.  Ended the day with a trail run down – 2 weekends in a row!  Ro enjoyed the exercise and I enjoyed having part of our Saturday open for a late afternoon walk around Hecla – beautiful weather weekend.


protrails.com – Mt Sanitas


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