Needed a nudge to get Ro & I out of Boulder County before we ran out of unique hikes (yeah, yeah – that’ll never happen in Colorado :)).  East Coast (flatlander) friend here for a visit – ROAD TRIP!

Travelled north to Fort Collins and after some minor difficulties locating the trailhead, were on track to see Horsetooth Falls.  Waterfalls in winter?  Gotta do this, check 🙂 [Lesson learned: using GPS coordinates to map trailheads going forward.]

Layering is a hiking must in Colorado because of our 300+ days of annual sunshine.  Snow underfoot but warm sun and high altitude = necessary clothes shedding.  Sun-exposed trail was clear of snow; shaded side of mountain was more than a foot deep [of snow].  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Can’t say Horsetooth Falls was a waterfall gusher but the Falls created a beautiful February icescape.  ALSO tacked on a 5th consecutive week to Ro’s obligatory ice-walk pics 🙂

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University so have heard hikes at Horsetooth can be crowded.  Happy to report, February is the ideal time to go!  Minimal hiker traffic, plenty of snow – AND a waterfall! – Horsetooth Falls


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