A week later but still a lot of snow on our roads from the Feb 3rd mega-storm.

No need to travel far for our weekly snow trek – er…hike.  Been passing a trailhead sign on those work days when I take back roads to avoid large road traffic delays.  Teller Farm – seemed good a time as any to explore.

Cows, horses and cow pies – all new experiences for Ro.  Check, done 🙂  Growing up on a farm, should have remembered cow pies; unfortunately, I didn’t catch on until well into Ro’s first taste – yuck!

In addition to snow & cow pies – (Lucky for Ro) he met several dogs on this hike too.  Hooray!  Strangely, lil’ guy never warmed up to cows – though was super interested in all horses near the end of our trail.  Horses roll over, frolick, play, enjoy snow – cows lumber and stare.  OF COURSE Ro likes horses – like a brotha from another mother 🙂

4th consecutive week for Ro ‘ice walks’: Wonderland Lake, Golden Ponds, Waneka Lake – and now Teller Lake.  Go Sno’ Ro!


protrails.com – Teller Farm


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