City of Louisville requires dogs be 4 months old before enjoying our city dog parks.

Happy 4-month birthday Rowan O’Roark (actual DOB is October 4th)!

Some dogs bond so closely to their humans that they too think they’re human.  Not so with Ro.  He’s a dog, loves being a dog, loves being around other dogs – big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, puppies.  Ro loves everything about being a dog.

That said, lil’ guy sat back for a few moments after the big dog posse came running his direction.  But even on this 1st visit, Ro fast learned to dart out from/retreat to the lone picnic table.  And after being side-swiped & rolled hard twice (ouch), he’ll soon learn spatial presence – another dog’s presence other than his own.

SLEEP – that’s why folks love dog parks.  Ro slept Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, and then most of Monday.

Dog parks a solid must in our future!

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