Sno’ Ro the Legend — the saga begins!  My dog loves SNOW!

Snow didn’t start until Thursday afternoon but since that time, has snowed and snowed and snowed.  Almost couldn’t fall asleep Thursday nite in anticipation for the morning.  Woke early knowing I would need to prep for work – and was NOT disappointed.

In Colorado, you put a shovel in the trunk and DIG your way OUT until you reach your workplace destination.  Soooo different from my NYC life — just saying.  Felt super guilt leaving Ro behind for the whole day (hadn’t done that before).  Assumed once I got to work, would not be traveling back home for lunch (for my walk with Ro).  At least it’s Friday…will have the next 2 days to play 🙂

Record 22.7 inches of snow!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!


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