Still limited a bit by drive time.  Read that North Boulder parks are overcrowded by prairie dogs – so much so that ‘relocation vs extermination’ was the focal point of the local news story.  So…another new life experience.  Done; check 🙂

Online research led me to believe that prairie dogs hibernate in the winter – not so!

Wonderland Lake was all iced over (normal for January) so Ro tentatively attempted his first ice walk.  Energized by seeing plant life trapped under the ice, Ro eased past the shore in an effort to chew & devour.  Lucky for him I brought along snacks because these reeds were deep under the ice & not budging.  Fun watching little guy move out on the ice – ‘Bambi’ reminiscent.

After learning to walk on water, we approached prairie dog village.  Only slightly smaller than Ro, but these dogs chirp, chirp, chirp – and chirp.  Camouflaged well in our winter grasses – if only they could keep down the noise.  LOL> – Wonderland Lake

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