Addicted to tennis since watching Davis Cup between Adriano Panatta (Italy) and Vitas Gerulaitis (USA) on a black-n-white TV, I haven’t missed a Grand Slam since my pre-teen years.

First [there was] my obsession with everything BORG, then Mats Wilander to a lesser degree (that first French Open victory at age 18 & later his US Open win over Lendl in 5-sets), Pat Cash for half a second and now today’s 2 stars – Federer & Nadal (still not a Djoker fan).  The constant – I’ve struggled finding warm bodies to watch endless hours of AMAZING SPORT 🙂

2012: enter Rowan into my life.

He might not understand why they don’t actually ‘retrieve’ the ball, but by golly – man’s best friend watched a 4th Round match on ESPN3 (post-midnight – Aussie time difference) until he crashed on my lap.

Truly man’s best friend.

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