New Year’s Resolution was to hike 52 unique (weekly) hikes in 2012.

Since it is almost the middle of January, no time like the present to start!  Key motivator?  Trying to tire out a 3-month old puppy.  Just gotta find a way to stop the constant chewing.  Fingers need a break from puppy teeth – kinda embarrassed by the number of Band-Aids on my hands at present.  LOL>

Puppy’s first hike AND puppy’s first car ride.  Ro didn’t get car sick but I did good to keep my car on the road.  I can drive in the snow – no problem.  It’s doing all my driving left-handed while using the right to push/keep pup in the back-seat – all while driving in the snow.  Might limit our choice of hikes for January.

Another new life experience – done, check 🙂

Limited this first hike to just under 4 miles – seemed longer because of the snow.  FANNNTASTIC being outside!  LOVE LOVE this life!  And lucky for me, Ro is both – ‘Sno Ro’ and ‘Super Ro’.  He loves the snow…and loves to hike.  Little guy is a machine. – Mesa Trail


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